What is Eddy and how will it work?

Eddy is a Canadian technology platform that will connect customers to a variety of quality cannabis products and deliver those products faster than other services.  Interested in ordering from us? We’re not available yet but sign-up for our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when we launch.  

What are the regulations for ordering cannabis online?

Regulations vary province by province.  We are currently working with regulators across Canada to determine where and how we can offer our services.  You can rest assured when you order from our website, you will be buying legal cannabis.  

What cannabis will you deliver?

We will be partnering with many licensed producers to offer a wide selection of cannabis products.

Where will Eddy deliver?

We plan to deliver in major cities across Canada.  When we launch will depend on the regulations in that province.  Sign-up to our e-mail list to be the first to learn when we become available in your city.  

What are the requirements to buy cannabis?

Requirements vary province by province.  After October 17th, Canadians will be able to purchase cannabis from approved providers if they meet the minimum age.  Typically (though not always) that age will be consistent with the age requirement for alcohol in that province.

Why should I buy cannabis through the licensed, regulated market?

Buying from licensed providers gives you the assurance you are buying from an approved provider with products that have been tested to meet consumption standards.  You’re also supporting legal businesses and taking away business from drug cartels. Additionally, the taxes you are paying go to support government initiatives on research and community support, so when you buy legal cannabis, you are supporting the new industry and helping it grow!  See below for more information.

Legal Compliance

While cannabis will be legalized in Canada on October 17th, the market will continue to be regulated.  That means that it is unlawful to sell cannabis unless the business selling has approval from the federal and provincial government.  In order to get a license, cannabis retailers and suppliers have to meet a number of requirements to prove they are responsible provider of cannabis.  

Health Safety

Federal law requires that all cannabis sold by licensed producers is tested for qualities such as pesticides, solvents, potency and homogeneity. These requirements ensure that you are consuming safe and reliable cannabis.

Consumer Protection

Regulated purchases ensure you are covered by consumer protection laws.  Consumers have the ability to file a complaint to a regulator if they believe they were not treated fairly or responsibly.