Updated November 30, 2018

Privacy Policy

Thank you for using Eddy Delivery, the premier technology platform connecting independent, licensed cannabis retailers with verified users. This Privacy Policy applies to Eddy Delivery, Eddy Delivery, and any websites, mobile applications, services, programs, or features (the “Eddy Delivery Platform”) owned or operated by Eddy Delivery Solutions, Inc. and any of its subsidiaries, including but not limited to Eddydelivery, Inc., or affiliates (collectively, “Eddy Delivery,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). Eddy Delivery values your privacy, and taking proper care of your information is a top priority for us. Our goal is to help you understand what information we collect and describe how we use that information to provide you and all of our users with safe and secure access to legal cannabis, industrial hemp-derived CBD, and other products and accessories. In addition to reviewing this Privacy Policy, please carefully review our Terms of Service and Shipping Terms. By using Eddy Delivery, you affirmatively consent to this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service, the Shipping Terms, and our collection, use, and sharing of your information and data as described below.

Information We Collect

Information You Provide To Us

Registration and Identity Verification

When you sign up for any Eddy Delivery account, you give us your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, and, if necessary, a copy of your government-issued ID (i.e. your driver’s license, state ID card, or passport). In order to receive a delivery or shipment, you must provide a valid delivery address — whether that’s your home address or any other valid physical address. Such information is a part of what’s called your personally identifiable information (“PII”) as this is data that can be used to specifically identify you. Additional PII we receive may include, but is not limited to, a state-issued medical marijuana ID card or a physician’s recommendation letter that you provide us in order to receive a medical delivery. This PII helps us establish and maintain your user account, verify your identity, remain compliant with state and local laws, and ensure that you are of legal age to receive a delivery or shipment.

Demographic Information

We also collect demographic information from you when you register, when you take our surveys, and throughout your use of the Eddy Delivery Platform. This information on its own cannot be used to specifically identify you, but we may use it to learn more about our users and their habits and preferences. Demographic information may include your age, gender, location, how you heard about Eddy Delivery, spending habits, and other preferences or habits.


If you contact us directly, we may collect information from you that helps us provide a satisfying experience and answers any questions you have while using Eddy Delivery. For example, when you communicate with a member of our customer service team, we may ask you for your name, email address, delivery address, phone number, or proof of charge in order to identify your account, confirm your identity, or assist with your issue. If you send us an email, we will collect the contents of that email and any other information you choose to provide. If you communicate with us via live chat, that correspondence will be archived. Customer service communications over the phone may be recorded for quality control purposes and may be summarized within our customer support systems.

Payment Information

Payment information may be collected in connection with a transaction facilitated by Eddy Delivery.

For on-demand delivery, all payments are made to a third-party, licensed cannabis retail dispensary fulfilling your order, and not to Eddy Delivery. For other products and services, payments may be made directly to Eddy Delivery or another third party. In all cases, while we may retain a limited amount of payment information for identification and convenience, to keep your financial data secure, we do not store full payment or financial information on our servers.

Voluntary User Surveys

From time to time, we may invite you to fill out voluntary user surveys to provide feedback on various topics which may include: your experiences with Eddy Delivery and/or our partners, available products, new services, your preferences related to cannabis, and your sentiments on public policy or other cannabis industry topics. These surveys are often conducted by third-party market research firms, who collect the data generally for aggregation purposes to track industry preferences and trends. Eddy Delivery does not share this data on an individualized basis, and does not share this data for direct marketing to our users.

Information We Collect When You Use Eddy Delivery

Location Information

We may use location-based services in order to verify your location. For instance, knowing your location may be necessary to allow you full access to our mobile apps or certain aspects of the Eddy Delivery Platform. For compliance reasons, some of the content or services may be restricted depending on the state in which you are located. Location information may also be used to connect you with a licensed retailer that services your delivery area, or to send you relevant content based on your location. Location data may also be collected as demographic information.

Usage Information

To help us understand how you use Eddy Delivery and to help us improve our service, we automatically collect information about your interactions with the Eddy Delivery Platform. This includes the products and content you view, your actions on our websites or mobile apps, and the details of any orders you place.

Device Information

Eddy Delivery collects information about the devices you use to access the Platform. Our servers receive and store information about your IP address, web browser, mobile operating system, phone carrier and manufacturer, unique identifiers such as advertising ID, VIN, MAC address, and IDFA, and other related software or hardware information related to your devices.

Cookies and Technical Information

We also collect information through the use of “cookies,” tracking pixels, and similar technologies. Cookies are small text files created by websites and stored on your device. They provide a way for the website to recognize you and keep track of your settings and preferences. We use cookies to understand how you navigate our platforms, learn what content is popular, recognize repeat users, and save your account information. While most browsers allow you to deny the use of cookies, at this time our website is not configured to read or respond to “do not track” settings or signals in your browser headings.

Call and Text Information

We work with third-party partners to facilitate phone calls and text messages between you and your driver. We receive information about these communications, including the date and time of the call or SMS message, the parties’ phone numbers, and the content of any SMS messages. By using Eddy Delivery, you agree to allow Eddy Delivery to monitor and/or record your communications with the drivers.

User Feedback

We want to make sure you have a consistently positive experience with our platform, and are always looking to improve. Accordingly, we collect and retain information about any ratings, reviews, and feedback you provide about our service, our platform, the products on our site, our licensed retail partners, and their drivers.

Information Collected from Third Parties


When you place an on-demand delivery order through Eddy Delivery, that order is fulfilled and delivered to you by one of our licensed retail partners. We collect information about you from the retailers or their drivers based on your interactions with them. For instance, when your delivery driver reaches the delivery address you provided, he or she will check your government-issued ID and ask for your signature before completing the transaction. In certain jurisdictions, when required by local law or regulation, your delivery driver will also scan the barcode on the back of your government-issued ID to confirm that the information displayed on the ID is accurate. You may also communicate with your driver via text or phone call in order to complete the delivery. While we collect this information about you through the retailer, please note that this Privacy Policy does not cover the information or privacy practices of retailers.

Third-Party Partners

We may collect information about you directly from our third-party partners, services, or tools if your use of their services led to or related to your use of Eddy Delivery. The information we collect from partners is of the same type and will be treated in the same manner as the information we collect from you.

How We Use the Information We Collect

We use the information we collect from you to:

  • Connect you with a licensed retailer to facilitate your legal access to cannabis and cannabis products
  • Provide our licensed retail partners with information necessary for them to maintain their records in accordance with their normal business practices and state or local law
  • Facilitate shipment of professionally curated, hemp-derived CBD products through Eddy Delivery
  • Identify you as a user in our system
  • Ensure compliance with all state and local laws
  • Determine demand for orders placed through Eddy Delivery in particular markets
  • Determine what features we should provide and how to improve our services
  • Evaluate available products and brand partnerships
  • Personalize your experience with Eddy Delivery
  • Provide customer support and assist with your use of Eddy Delivery
  • Communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, including for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Facilitate your communication with the driver fulfilling your order
  • Assess marketing and promotional initiatives
  • Notify you about special promotions or offers
  • Facilitate transactions and payments
  • Find and prevent fraud
  • Conduct voluntary user surveys
  • Aggregate and anonymize data
  • Analyze user data on user behavior and preferences
  • Create educational content with aggregated and anonymized user statistics
  • Support ongoing efforts in cannabis legalization and social equity and justice
  • As otherwise described in this Privacy Policy or in notices we have or will provide to you

How We Share Information

Sharing to Facilitate Delivery

In order to facilitate deliveries, we share basic information with our partners — licensed retailers — and their drivers. When you send an order to the retailer through Eddy Delivery, the retailer receives your first name, delivery address, order details, birthdate, a picture of your face taken from your government-issued ID. The retailer connects you with a driver who fulfills your order and sees that same information. The driver never sees the upload of your full ID. When the driver arrives with your order, only then are they shown your face, birthdate, and first name. The driver will then check your ID in person to verify your identity.

Sharing to Facilitate Shipping

Eddy Delivery uses a third-party logistics provider (“3PL”) in order to facilitate shipping of hemp-derived CBD products. When you order from the Eddy Delivery menu, the 3PL receives your name, shipping address, and order details so that they can send your items to the right place.

Public Educational Content

We share aggregated and anonymized demographic information about our user base with the public for educational and informational purposes. Aggregated and anonymized means that user information is combined together with all PII removed so that any individual user cannot be identified. We may also share anonymized data with third parties for consulting or independent research purposes. This data provides valuable information including how users interact with Eddy Delivery, our partners, available products, and also helps us drive conversation on consumer habits, preferences, and behavior within the cannabis industry.

Promotions and Referrals

If you signed up for a promotion with another user’s referral or promotion code, we may let your referrer know that their code was redeemed. However, we do not specifically identify the user that redeemed the code.

Third-Party Tools and Services

We use third-party consultants, tools, and services to facilitate Eddy Delivery operations such as compliance, marketing, communications, statistical analysis, hosting, database management, and a number of other functions. We share your information with these parties to the extent minimally necessary to perform their respective specific tasks on our behalf. We do not share your information with third parties for direct marketing purposes by those parties.

Other Third-Party Partners

We may share information with other third-party partners and services. For instance, we may share information with insurance companies to the extent it is necessary to facilitate the redemption of an insurance claim or contract. If you connect to Eddy Delivery through a third-party service, we may share information about your use of Eddy Delivery with that service.

Government Authority and Law Enforcement

Eddy Delivery does not proactively divulge your information to any local, state, or federal authorities. All of your information is securely stored and accessible only by authorized personnel. We will however, disclose information about you to a government authority, law enforcement official, or one of our partners, if we believe we are required to by law, or in order to respond to or comply with regulations or legal processes, including but not limited to subpoenas or warrants. We may also share your information if we think doing so is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Eddy Delivery, our partners and their employees, our users, the public, or any particular person.

Acquisition or Merger of Eddy Delivery

In the event that all or a portion of the assets, business, or stock of Eddy Delivery are acquired by or merged with another party, your information may be among those assets transferred. An acquirer of Eddy Delivery or its assets may continue to use your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Onward Transfer

If we share your PII as described in this Privacy Policy, we will seek assurances from the recipients of your PII, prior to transfer, that they will safeguard your PII in a manner consistent with this policy. Such assurances, where appropriate, may include contractual relationships with confidentiality clauses and non-disclosure agreements that provide the same level of commitment to safeguarding your PII as provided in this Privacy Policy.

Your Choices

Email Subscriptions

You can always unsubscribe from Eddy Delivery promotional emails by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the email. We will still send you transactional emails and receipts generated from your use of Eddy Delivery.

Text Messages

You can opt out of receiving promotional text messages by texting the word STOP from the mobile device receiving the messages to the phone number you received the message from. Promotional texts are SMS messages sent to you containing offers, promo codes, or deal reminders. Standard messaging rates from your cell phone carrier will apply.

Push Notifications

You can opt out of receiving promotional push notifications through your device settings. Please note that opting out of receiving transactional push notifications, such as receiving a notification that your order has arrived, may impact your use of Eddy Delivery.

Location Information

You can prevent your device from sharing location information at any time through your device settings. Please note that the use of location information may be necessary to access some of our services, such as mobile apps that may only allow access to those in states that have legalized the sale of recreational cannabis.

Editing Account Information

You can review and edit your account information at any time by logging into your account and navigating to your “Account Settings.”


Changes to the Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy periodically. If we make any significant changes, we will update you on the Platform, by email, or by other communication. We encourage you to stay up to date about our privacy practices. Continued use of Eddy Delivery following notices of changes to the Privacy Policy indicates your acknowledgment of such changes and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of such changes.

Age Restrictions

Eddy Delivery is intended for access and use by individuals who are of legal age for the services offered based on the applicable regulations of their state or other government entities (“Qualifying Age”). We do not knowingly collect PII or other information from or about anyone who is not of Qualifying Age. If you are not of Qualifying Age, you should not attempt to access or use Eddy Delivery, or send any PII to us. If we discover that we have collected PII or other information from an individual who is not of Qualifying Age, we will take steps to remove that information.


All of the information we collect is securely stored within our database, and we are committed to protecting your data. Although we take reasonable, industry-standard precautions to protect your data, no security measures are 100% secure, and we cannot guarantee the security of your data.