5 Best Cannabis Strains for a House Party

May 24, 2019, 12:54 PM

If you’re one who loves to whip out some frosty buds that pierce the nose with delightful smells and coats the tongue with smooth flavors, choosing the right strain is key to your friend’s night! Not many people are so fond of the smell of Blue Cheese weed, no matter how nice it is.

The best weed for a party is largely about the smell and visual appeal. No one’s going to be excited to hit a sad smelling brown little nug, no matter how tasty and strong it is. Your best bets are the fruity/citrus or skunky leaning strains, and especially a sativa based one! Who wants to sleep while at a party anyways?

Anyways, onto the list of the 5 best weed strains for a house party. These all come top of our lists and have been certified for your enjoyment!

Mango Haze

What’s your favorite fruit and why is it mango? Mango Haze by WeedMD is one that’ll pique the curiosity of most. Beautiful, trichome-rich buds with one of my favourite smells to come from any weed strain. Pop open the container and let your friend take in the pungent, fruity smell. Their mind will definitely tempt them to ask for some.

A sativa-dominant hybrid, its cerebral effects are nice for staying alert and active during a party while relaxing just a bit. It’s one of the best tasting weed strains I’ve tried, especially through a dry herb vaporizer.

Bred from the famous Northern Lights #5 alongside Skunk and Haze strains, it has a solid genetic background and really one for the record books.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough by Qwest cannabis is also one of the tastiest weed strains we’ve yet to try. Some of the best weed Toronto has come across, this one gets the taste buds almost salivating from that terp-tongue. Opening the jar reveals a hit of fresh strawberries and other berries alongside that hit of pungent skunk.

This one’s a hit, particularly for the ladies! That sweet, fruity smell gets people coming back for more every time.

The 80:20 sativa:indica ratio is great for wakefulness, something you might want at a party! The green and red-haired nugs almost resemble a strawberry long before it’s ripe. An incredibly fitting name, especially since that high THC level may take your mind to creative places.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream by San Rafael has become an instrumental key in my lineup for sharing with friends for the past few years. This nice hybrid packs a delightful citrus aroma alongside that nice pungent skunky side we’ve all come to love.

With a moderately high amount of THC in it, it’s a pretty potent little flower and sure to satisfy even the pickiest of friends. Tangerine Dream is a direct descendant of the renowned G13 and Haze strains. A strong genetic background with the smoke quality to back it up.

Most varieties of Tangerine Dream are slightly sativa-leaning, at a 60:40 sativa:indica ratio. It has won awards at the Cannabis Cup and is a staple in many shops. One of our favorites for sure and we’re certain your friends will go for this flower since it won’t bog down their heads and leave them couchlocked.

Ruxton/Sour OG

Ruxton by Broken Coast is another sativa-leaning hybrid, clocking in at 70:30 in the sativa:indica ratio. This potent powerhouse is not for beginners! Boasting an incredibly high THC content, we’d advise taking it a little slowly with this guy to start, unless you and your buds are experienced.

That sweet, incredibly skunky, and peppery aroma hits you like a truck when opening it and when smoked too. The frosty nugs are a joy to look at and any weed snob will definitely approve. No matter how much you’ve looked at pictures frosty cannabis online, the real deal is a sight to behold.

Coming from some renowned ancestry consisting of OG Kush and Diesel, it has strong roots and the power to back it up. Toss a bowl of this to your friend who seemingly never gets high no matter how much he tokes. We’re sure he’ll get a little higher than usual!


Tangie by MedReleaf is an instant classic. Similar to Tangerine Dream with entirely different Genetics, it’s another sativa-dominant hybrid, tipping the scales at 70:30 sativa to indica. Great smell, beautiful nugs, and a smooth smoke with high THC. What more can you want?

Tangie is a pretty THC-high strain and also not the best for your newbie friend who has only hit a bowl once or twice. Maybe just a single puff or two is plenty for them. While smoked the flavor is similar to Tangerine Dream with those familiar citrusy-orange notes coating your tongue.

This strain is also good for not getting groggy, something you don’t want to be while at a party. Busting this out might have people convinced it’s the best weed Toronto has seen. A bold statement to make for sure, but Tangie is definitely at the top of our lists and bottom of our bowls.