Marijuana delivery could come to Caledon, GTA

March 4, 2019, 5:52 AM

Province is still a question mark on how legal weed will be delivered

The Eddy Delivery website could become a popular outlet for marijuana users in Caledon when the product becomes legal on Oct. 17. - Eddy Delivery image

According to Eddy Delivery, a Toronto-based marijuana delivery startup, speed, convenience, anonymity and trust are going to be determining factors when Canadians, and specifically Ontarians, are looking for medical and recreational cannabis after the substance becomes legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

The startup believes it can be Caledon’s trusted service if the municipality chooses to opt out of hosting a retail outlet.

The door-to-door delivery service is targeting a launch in Ontario, but is also monitoring the policies the government will use to regulate it, as it's looking to become a legitimate, relied-upon business that services customers and leads the race to become a popular outlet for what will be a high-demand product.

And it reiterated that its plan is to lead by following the rules.

“There’s a couple of things we’re going to do,” Brett Chang, director of public affairs, said when asked what will make Eddy stand out. “We are going to be 100 per cent compliant with regulations. We will operate nowhere where on-demand delivery is not allowed.”

Chang explained that Eddy Delivery is planning a launch in two Prairie provinces, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, because they have already announced on-demand delivery of recreational marijuana will be legal there.

Ontario is still a question mark, so the group is monitoring what Ontario’s government is doing. But it's confident it will be a positive outcome for the company.

“We like what they are doing so far, putting it in the private sector,” Chang said. “We are lucky that there is already a model here for alcohol delivery.”

The group believes its collective experience is going to make it stand out as a delivery service. The five-member company has the ex-CEO of Inabuggy, the respected national grocery and alcohol delivery service that provides Ontario’s model for on-demand delivery, and former executives of the ride-sharing program Uber.

“We’re going to be more reliable and faster than anyone else out there because of our partnership with an established grocery service and our background at Uber,” Chang said.

With the Ontario government announcing that municipalities will be able to opt out of hosting retail outlets if they want to, Eddy sees a legitimate delivery service as a GTA need.

Speaking to Caledon specifically, Chang said if the municipality opts out and a resident wants to purchase, they would then be left with few options.

“Cannabis consumers in your community will be unable to receive orders unless they are home for the government's required ID check,” Chang said. “Because shipments are made by Canada Post, the ID verification can only be done between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. So if you're at work during the day and aren't available to show your ID upon delivery, you won't be able to receive your package.”

Then, customers will be left to travel to another community with a brick-and-mortar shop or utilize the black market.

“None of the three existing options are convenient for your community and will result in a thriving black market,” Chang said. “To solve this, our company is proposing a solution that will provide same-day delivery for residents in Caledon. This is an elegant solution that respects the will of the municipality while also ensuring that users can conveniently access product and disincentivize consumers from resorting to purchasing from the black market.”

To utilize Eddy Delivery, customers will simply open the app on their phones, browse a selection of products from licensed retailers, choose the product and tap a button that connects a courier with their orders. The courier will pick up the product from a licensed retailer, drop it off at your home, verify your age and you receive your product.

“It will all be done via credit card,” Chang said. He said there will be a fee for drivers, but in their business case right now, they expect it to be very affordable.

You can preview Eddy Delivery online at: