The 5 Best Post-High Snacks in Toronto

April 3, 2019, 5:13 PM

We’ve been there. High and hungry for something beyond the bag of chips in your cupboard but not sure where to order.  We’ve saved you here with our list of the best post-high snacks in Toronto.

This list is best read while just a little baked or in preparation of, elsewise you might just wander right out your door and into the streets in search of some delicacies. Anyways, enough blabber, here are our 5 best food places in Toronto when high!

Bobbie Sues Mac and Cheese

·       Well priced

·       Damned delicious

·       Will make you hate boxed mac n cheese for the rest of your life.

·       How can you not love mac and cheese?

        A munchies classic – creamy, flavorful, and rich. While the boxed version is always available at your grocery store, we think you should take it up a notch with Bobby Sue’s.

        If you look on Google, the pictures may not leave you overly impressed.  Don’t worry, once you order it you’ll be blown away. What you get is some of the most incredible macaroni to bless your stomach. Maybe it’s just the bloodshot eyes and arching stomach in me, but does it ever satisfy my munchies every time. Such a seemingly simple dish is brought up five notches

        If you want even more heartiness, by all means go for the pulled pork – you won’t regret it (unless you’re watching the scale). The biscuits and gravy are incredible too.

        Bobbie Sue’s has only one location on 162 Ossington Ave, #3. Worth the drive by all means. The only downside is you’ll regret ever making boxed mac and cheese afterwards and forever crave another Bobbie Sue’s mac.

        If you order your weed online in Toronto, then you can also up the ante and have Bobbie Sues delivered to your door with UberEats. This is crucial during an intense couchlock.

Eva’s Original Chimneys

·       Some of the best ice cream in Toronto

·       Boutique experience

·       Expensive but worth the hype

Check out the menu for Eva’s Original Chimneys here.

        Up next on the list is a Hungarian delicacy  that seems like it was made from heaven for stoners.  These cones are delicious and even visually appealing. Hands down one of our favorite snacks on a hot day.         

        These are pretty pricey cones but they’re worth experiencing at least twice. The cones themselves are what’s so unique. The cone is so crunchy and tasty on outside, yet oh so fluffy on the inside.   The labor-intensive creation of the ice cream is also where your money goes to. The ice cream is creamy, soft, and not cloyingly sweet.

Each person has different taste buds and prefers different flavors so it’s hard to pick a favourite item on the menu.  After you buy one, you’ll probably decide to try them all anyway.

        Eva’s moves around to many markets and locations, so find out where Eva will be here. With any luck, they’ll be nearby so you can indulge and feel your wallet grow lighter quickly!

Adamsons BBQ – Mouth-watering meat cuts

·       Mid-high cost

·       Terrific meats of all sorts

·       About the best Texas BBQ style in Toronto

Check out Adamson's BBQ menu here!

        This one’s for the meat lovers. Adamsons BBQ is one of our favorite places to pop over to if we’re feeling like our wallets are still a little too heavy and we’ve got the craving to stuff down some unreal cuts of meat. Not exactly a snack, those with a stomach the size of a watermelon will be content.

The succulent pork cuts make a perfect remedy to cotton mouth, while the brisket is just straight up addicting, albeit a bit salty. The ribs give a great meat to bone ratio with just the right amount of seasonings, and the sausage is just unreal. I’m getting hungry making this list.

        The sides are hit and miss we say, and myself and friends typically opt for the cornbread (whatever you do, get the cornbread!), or the coleslaw which is surprisingly good considering coleslaw is something I really rarely eat.

Not the most economical choice as the lowest cost item is the chicken at $15/lb, but holy is it ever good. Do yourselves a favor if you’re with a group and just grab a platter, you’ll get all that variety on a big plate enough to satisfy a few hungry stoners.

Adamson’s BBQ location is on the Eastern side of York at 176, Wicksteed Ave. You can pre-order a few days of advance to beat the line as well if you’re into that.

Glory Hole Donuts  

·    Seriously and dangerously tasty

·    Good variety

·    Name gets funnier the higher you get

Glory Hole Donuts menu right here!

Lime coconut cream pie. Strawberry rhubarb cheesecake, lemon ricotta holes, and so forth. These donuts are sure to electrify your taste buds and give you a sugar high in no time.

They’re a bit pricey for donuts, but if a group of friends pitch in for a dozen ($43) you can grab the whole assortment and split them equally to taste all the different kinds. The chunky monkey and lime coconut cream pies get the biggest praises from me, but they all really taste amazing.

Soon enough you and your friends will be looking for another coconut cream pie and dying to slide on over to the glory hole. Bad pun fully intended and going to this place may surely spark up some childish humor among you.

Burrito Boyz/Burrito Banditos

·    Huge portions

·    Great prices

·    Can satisfy even the most intense cases of munchies

Check out the Burrito Boyz menu and Burrito Banditos menu here.

        We can’t choose between the two – they’re both so good. For less than $10 both Burrito barons will hit you up with a wrap about the size of your forearm and probably able to feed you twice. They’re absolutely delicious, hearty, and actually pretty healthy compared to some other items on our list!

        The mango chicken and spicy pulled pork from the Burrito Banditos are my top two picks with the classic chicken and steak options as my choice for Burrito Boyz.

        The sides are pretty decent but nothing really stands out to our stomachs. The chili from Burrito Boyz is a bit small for the stoner appetite, but that’s offset by the huge burritos themselves.

        Burrito Banditos has locations at the Annex (2 Walmer Road), Yonge & College (Grosvenor St.) and at the beach (1614 Queen St.), while Burrito Boyz has too many to list, so just click here instead!

Honorable mentions

        It was hard to stop the list here and decided to throw in a few honorable mentions in case the above list didn’t interest you enough. If you smoke cannabis in Toronto, it’s nice to have a few more options for when your hunger juices are flowing.

        Gale’s Snack Bar on 539 Eastern Ave is probably the best priced food you’ll find in all of Toronto. A bit rough around the edges, it’s one of our favorite diners in all of the GTA. Incredible prices, homely atmosphere and really one of the few authentic diners left standing. You can get a full course for less than $5. We’re serious.

        Holy Chuck and the infamous ‘Go Chuck Yourself’ at 1450 Yonge St. They’ve got some seriously awesome burgers including the Go Chuck Yourself- six layers of cheese, six layers of beef, three layers of bacons, all sandwiched between 3 grilled cheese sandwiches for buns and one heart attack. For $27 it’s actually really well priced to split between a couple friends.

        Cluck Clucks at 222 The Esplanade. Some of the best chicken and waffles in Toronto and definitely worth the cost. The Mother Clucker and Holy Cluck are my two choice picks with both the waffle and chicken done perfectly. The sauces are great as well and a must-have to bring the flavor out.

        And there we have it! Our favorite places to eat in Toronto. Most of these items can be ordered online with a delivery service if you’re a lazy person like myself who’ll sometimes order weed online, get couch-locked and forget to have stocked up on treats.